Nadine Core

My name is Nadine Core and I am a third year student of Visual Merchandising and Display at Technical University Dublin. I initially studied Interior Design then transferred into Visual Merchandising and Display. This has allowed me to combine my skills learned from Interiors with my new skills learned in Visual Merchandising and Display. The experience that I have gained allows me to have a unique perspective for my designs. I have completed an internship in Dunnes Stores where I have enjoyed working as part of a team and in a fast-paced retail environment.

Comme des Garcons

For Spring/Summer 2022, Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo themed the catwalk as “My present state of mind rather than a theme.” She emphasizes things that she feels we don’t require these days, which included

-The making of intricate fabric

-Patterns that clearly define the body

-Details which emphasize the clothes.

This theme conveys my interpretation of Rei’s thoughts due to the pandemic that we experienced in 2020. The use of flowers, leaves and bows in clothing and headwear on the Spring/Summer catwalk-inspired me to take this idea into my window design. My desire for my window design for Comme des Garçons was to create an immersive, eye-catching display. The playful aspect behind the brand is something that I wanted to bring to this window as it is a signature and iconic characteristic of the brand. I have always been interested in the collaboration between Comme des Garçons and Converse. Using the shoe and floral background, I wanted to convey the relationship between nature and humans and how we have reconnected with nature since the pandemic. “Journey back to nature” shows our newfound relationship with nature and its importance to us. As a sneakerhead, this collaboration created something special between the two brands. The iconic google-eyed heart-shaped logo on the Converse shoe is simple but effective.

The QR code allows the customer to become more informed about the collaboration between Converse Chuck Taylor and Comme des Garcons, creating a more immersive and interactive window display and experience. Experience is something Rei Kawakubo always places at the forefront of her designs and retail layouts. I believe this is unique to the brand, and I wanted to capture this within the display that I desired to create.


My research for the redesign of Vodafone, Grafton Street consisted of exploring the surrounding area to gain a better understanding of the site location and what I desired to create. Visits to the various design retail shops around the area allowed me to gather as much information as possible regarding interior design and how I would like my store to look and feel. I wanted to create a space that was ergonomic and allowed the customer to experience the space. My design concept was inspired by the local areas curved nature and centers around an interior of a holistic nature and consists of soft shapes including circular floor units and wall units. I named my retail redesign ‘Wonder’ as my mind would often wonder while being in the Grafton Street/Stephen’s Green area due to the landscape and its sense of calm. While doing my research, I took major inspiration from the Sean O ‘ Casey community Centre in East Wall, Dublin. The circular windows that are present here really fascinated me and how they let the natural light seep into the space. This inspired me to create the space that is ‘Wonder’.