Alice Murray

From a young age Alice had a strong interest in art, she began doing art classes in her local art school, after many years of art she developed a passion for interiors and later decided she wanted to study Interior design at TUD. Throughout her four years Alice has enjoyed each project whilst learning valuable skills. Alice has developed an appreciation for commercial design and is excited to start her professional career in the design sector.

Chatham 45

The aim of this project was to redesign Chatham House located on Chatham St in Dublin into a cultural centre that focuses on different cuisines around the world. Food culture can be something we take for granted. It can stop being something we value and therefore we experience it less. Chatham 4/5 aims to bring life into different cultures by exploring the use of commonality, which means “ the practice of eating together”. The creative and fun spaces within the building allow people to gather together to share different food traditions.

The concept for the design derived from the existing architectural structures combined with food structures. Shapes were extracted from each concept which allowed me to form interesting designs on each floor. A colourful exciting scheme was chosen to create an inviting enjoyable space. The high use of patterns and materials was used to amplify the youth of the space.

Chatham 4/5 consists of a basement for staff and a small retail space, main reception, open plan library, food hall that offers many different cuisines, fully equipped cookery school, main restaurant, city skyline bar and a rooftop cocktail garden. Each space has been carefully designed to reduce segregation to hopefully encourage people to learn about one and others cultures.