Lauren Elizabeth Silver

Lauren Silver is a mixed media artist who works with sculptural and painting practices. Her work centres on ideas of creative destruction, the unseen and roles people play. Silver interacts with the viewer in how she stages her works along with how the works change and reveal what is actually on display. Her work is never as straight forward as it may appear with deeper meaning coming from elements that are not always obvious to the viewer. Feelings of confusion, uncertainty and anxiety play a part in the creation and allows the viewer to empathize with a deeper understanding within the work.

An Dorchadas

An Dorchadas is the collective title for a series of dark coloured sculptures. Each sculpture involves the re-purposing and transformation of salvaged domestic chairs, each unique in form, yet collectively unified through the artists intervention. This intervention diminishes the chairs physical strength and functional properties. Through her intervention the history and possible practical use of the chairs are blurred. The use of colour is important in the works activation as black is paradoxically unambiguous and clarifying, simultaneously revealing and concealing.