Kate Hyland

Kate Hyland is a final year product design student at Technological University Dublin from Clane, Co. Kildare. In her four years at TU Dublin Kate has been involved with projects such as Pathways, which was awarded a design award at the 2021 Bolton trust competition, in 2021 Kate was also part of the team MyTable that won an award in “Students learning with communities”. In her final year project Kate examines the importance of active learning as well as the teaching of emotional awareness, this learning combined with her passion and creativity created Cosmic Communicators the fun and engaging classroom resource.

Cosmic Communicators

Cosmic Communicators is the fun, SPHE learning tool that promotes expression through face and hands in a social and engaging manner. Cosmic communicators is for 1st and 3rd class students. It is derived from the current SPHE curriculum particularly the emotions teaching lesson; of the programme, this lesson discusses all different emotions giving children a basic understanding and vocabulary of different emotions. Cosmic communicators allows for children to take that learning and utilize it a gamified experience. In the game the children will be expected to portray various emotion without relying on the use of words, they will also be expected to learn about there fellow peers interpretation and presentation of different emotions.

Cosmic Communicators consist of three separate elements that work in cohesion to establish the activities main goal. The games parts includes;

The face divider: The focal point of the game. This is what the children will use to reveal features of their face.

The cards: The cards are used for selection. Each card represents an emotion the children will use the cards when guessing the emotion as well as when they are portraying the emotion.

The card holder: here is where the children can place there guesses and store there cards. The card holder is small and is like a book, so it can be kept in the students book pile on there desks.

The game centers around a narrative and has an alien theme. The story for Cosmic Communicators is that aliens have arrive in Ireland and do not speak our language. The children cannot communicate with them however realize that although they do not speak the same they feel the same. Therefore the children must rely on there faces and hands to communicate. This story is presented to the children prior to playing the game the children now become the cosmic communicators and must convey and communicate without reliance of spoken word.

The goal of cosmic communicators it to make SPHE learning more human. Rather than learning from a book, the children can learn from each other. SPHE stand for Social, Physical, Health Education so the learning within that should be social and physical. Cosmic communicators is a valuable active learning resource tool that makes learning more exciting and effective.