Eunyoung Cho

Eunyoung Cho was born in Seoul, South Korea, spent her preteen years in Negombo, Sri Lanka then moved to Ireland in 2017 to pursue her passion in the creative field. With her history, she adapts to new environments quickly and loves to connect with new people from different backgrounds. Her main skills include illustration, character design, background design and storyboarding. When it comes to storytelling, she pays attention to the tiniest details to effectively make the character believable. She strives to work in an animation studio as a storyboard artist.

Act Together

This project is an animated short film that displays the importance of ‘Act Together’. How do we deal with people who have different opinions and viewpoints? How can we co-operate with the people that disagree with you? This animation answers that, one way to get anythingsolved in terms of racism, social injustice, global warming or even pandemic is by understanding each other. Communicate and build relationships with the people that do not agree with you and understand their humanity and where they come from. Eunyoung used anthropomorphism as a tool to carry this message by introducing a dog and a cat character. Famous pair that is commonly used in the media and novels to signify ‘they do not get along’. The cat represents an intellectual person while the dog represents asimple folk. They do not get along at first but then they start to realize that they are not what they judged to be and become friends. This project aimed to create easily understandable visual language that can be digested smoothly by the audience. Though the subjects that are being discussed in the audio are not something to be taken lightly but Eunyoung believed that for people to start talking about social or environmental issues, it is important to not scare people off. Hence why the animation almost looks children friendly and uses symbols, colors, and shape language that people can easily recognize. It also used frame by frame animation technique that brings out the friendliness of the visual tone.

Remember Your Dreams

This 1minute animatic was created to enter for Disney brief in the DNAD New Blood award. The target audience was children aged 3-5. It aimed to create a short story that spreads positivity and encourages a creative mind that are filled with imagination. To do this project correctly Eunyoung researched into the trends that are popular on video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Disneyplus by the target age. Then analyzed their behaviors and how they reacted to those videos with physical toys and how they played with them. She noticed there was huge connection between the children’s content industry and toys and wanted to bring this element to the storytelling. She was inspired from her childhood and how she played with her dolls. Creating the dolls backstory, giving them personality and how she made them come alive. Even though the target audience of this project is age 3-5, despite it being children’s content she still needed to create something that their parents / guardians can approve. Unlike teenagers, little kids cannot look up videos by themselves and need help from their parents / guardians. This is something that was also noted in the presentation included in the brief. It needs to have a story that adults can approve which means it needs to have a happy ending with some lessons for kids.The story is about a girl called Celine struggling at drawing something on her sketchbook. Then Rapunzel doll comes alive and takes her on adventure. Celine sees Rapunzel’s beautiful paintings and gets inspired. Rapunzel reminds Celine to be brave and to not be afraid of failure because you can always try again.